Pope Francis Blesses Foundry Diamonds, Avoiding Mining

Nov 23, 2021
Pope Francis Blesses Foundry Diamonds, Avoiding Mining

On today’s Thanksgiving Day, our company presented a foundry-grown diamond produced with zero carbon emissions to His Holiness Pope Francis in Rome, Italy, and received his blessing for creating diamonds sustainably.

Pope Francis has been clear about the many harmful effects of mining. He previously stated that "the entire mining sector is undoubtedly required to effect a radical paradigm change" and that "the Earth's resources are being plundered because of short-sighted approaches." Further, His Holiness has remarked that mining activities result in an "extraction of wealth from land that paradoxically does not produce wealth for the local populations, who remain poor."

The diamond presented epitomizes a fundamental shift in production methods for this mineral. Diamond Foundry avoids mining altogether: We convert greenhouse gases into pristine diamonds using renewable energy that powers our proprietary plasma reactor technology.

"His Holiness Pope Francis is one of the preeminent moral authorities of our times. We are greatly honored to present a sustainably created diamond that avoids the environmental and human toll of mining — hopefully, a brilliant example of the paradigm shift possible for at least some mineral resources."
Martin Roscheisen, CEO of Diamond Foundry