Working at DF

our vision

In a world shaped by technology, working at DF means making a difference to the very core of each of today's most exciting industries.

Make AI faster. Make electric cars more efficient. Make wireless communication truly work. A single component and the universe's most extreme material enable it.

Photography of a hand with a diamond
Photography of a machine

A creator mindset

Our culture is focused on creators and creating.

This emphasis on innovation means that we work in small teams of hands-on contributors with little hierarchy and overhead.

We love seeing someone establishing a successful career and allow high performers to build sizable equity ownership over time.

Our values

We build for eternity

We embrace change

We are transparent like a diamond

We win as a team

We make things happen

Crystal Wonders

Visuals our scientist and engineers see every day.

“For ten years, I have seen how we keep growing bigger and bigger each quarter and year. Innovations compound to an unimaginable level. I wake up excited to go to work each day.”
Kyle Gazay
President, D Foundry I
Kyle Gazay
“What we’re doing here is truly pioneering work on diamond and the team here is driven. I see enormous opportunity for tech applications and it’s very exciting to be a part of the race.”
Dr. Charlotte Herbig
Materials Science and Metrology
Dr. Charlotte Herbig
“I haven’t heard of another company that does something as cool as growing diamonds. I can’t believe I’m doing this.”
Linda Lee
Process Technician
Linda Lee
“We are constantly evolving the process to create better quality diamonds. The technology is impressive.”
Barney Flusche
Operations Manager, D Foundry I
Barney Flusche

Global group

We operate globally leveraging centers of expertise and unique local advantages.
We strive to achieve a diverse workforce that reflects our stakeholders around the world.

United Arab Emirates
Sales Headquarters
D Foundry II
D Foundry I
Audiatec Wafer R&D
R&D Headquarters

Does this sound like you?

Bright, curious, and driven. Motivated and committed. Regarded as a highly prized contributor.