Diamond to shape the future.

Our mission is to accelerate today's most exciting mega tech industries by innovating at the very foundation of technology.

Our single-crystal diamond wafers are the ultimate new tech component to solve the thermal challenges limiting AI & cloud compute chips, the power electronics of electric cars, and wireless communication chips.

Our 30-year master plan


Introduce sustainably created diamond wherever mined diamond has been able to go.


Introduce single-crystal diamond wafers and put a diamond behind every chip.


Introduce diamond as a semiconductor and deliver on its 17,200x semiconductor merit over silicon.

Growing fast and profitably
5 years profitable
>90% Global Market for Large Diamond
Diamond closeup

A story of purpose and perseverance

Founded by M.I.T., Stanford, and Princeton engineers in San Francisco, our team has a background of decades of pushing the boundaries of science and technology.

As green as it gets

Crystallizing greenhouse gas into diamond using zero-emission energy

Every team member is one we would fight for

Individuals determine the character and strength of our company.

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Research & Development

If you are looking for an opportunity to make a real difference, you have found the right place.