DF Tech Stack

Over a decade, we have designed, developed, and built from scratch the entire suite of technologies required to create the most extreme material in the universe and to integrate it with semiconductors.

The DF Tech Stack is exclusively used in our own operations.

DF Tech Stack

DF Wafer Heteroepitaxy

No wafer-sized diamond existed anywhere on Earth, so we had to figure out how to create the first “mother” wafer used to produce more. We employ a technology of mind-boggling complexity called diamond heteroepitaxy that allows single-crystal diamond creation on scalable substrates.

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DF Ingot Growth Reactor

Our reactor technology is now in its tenth generation, with higher quality, yield, and productivity achieved in each one. Each of our reactor generations has pushed the plasma to more efficient profiles, nearer to the ideal shape of a flat plasma stretched across a large area disk, which is highly unstable and difficult to achieve.

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DF Wafer Singulator

The challenge of achieving single-crystal diamond wafers does not end with the creation of a wafer-sized mother crystal. Next is the challenge of how to slice the hardest material on Earth.

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DF Wafer Finish

We have developed cost-effective ways of finishing the surface of a diamond wafer to semiconductor-grade requirements: a flatness of as little as one single atom up or down over inches of distance.

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DF Chip Bonding

We have developed a suite of techniques to put a diamond behind every chip, whether a high-power silicon, a SiC power-electronics, or a GaN communications one.

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