$850m D Foundry II in Spain

Mar 6, 2023
$850m D Foundry II in Spain

Diamond Foundry is arriving in Europe: We are building our second foundry in Trujillo, Spain, an $850 million project supported by the EU and the Spanish government. Our production of single-crystal diamond chips is slated to commence in 2025, with total production ramping up to 10 million carats in this facility, serving both traditional diamond buyers and the semiconductor industries.

Our proprietary plasma reactors have been designed for the wafer-sized production of single-crystal diamonds. Combining the proven qualities of semiconductors with our single-crystal diamond chips enables next-generation semiconductor performance across the cloud and AI computing, 5G/6G communications, and electric-car industries.  

This foundry will be one of the first industrial projects in the world entirely powered by solar electricity. Solar energy is abundant in the Extremadura region in Spain, and given our commitment to sustainable production, we are interested in proving that it can work efficiently at an industrial scale in a self-contained way. 

We plan a 120MW solar installation supported by battery storage to power our facility entirely. The solar farm will cover the land around our semiconductor-grade foundry. Spain’s leading solar project developer, Powen, is our energy partner on the undertaking.

Sustainability and respecting the Earth’s resources are core attributes of our business, and we have focused our growth on sites with 100% renewable power. We are also further scaling production in our Washington State foundry and have identified additional expansion areas. We’re excited about our future in Spain and the US, always using renewable energy.

Above: Martin Roscheisen, CEO of Diamond Foundry, attends an official memorandum ceremony in Mérida, Spain, in June 2021. Also in attendance were Guillermo Fernández Vara, the President of the Extremadura government; Raúl Blanco Díaz, Secretary General of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises (Government of Spain); and Rafael Benjumea, President of Powen Renewable Energy, which specializes in photovoltaic solar energy.

UPDATE March 6, 2023

After receiving a favorable environmental impact report, the construction of our second foundry in Trujillo, Spain, has commenced on schedule. A ground-breaking ceremony was attended by the Government of Spain's Spokesperson, the President of the region, the city Mayor, and a host of other government representatives.

Our CEO emphasized his satisfaction during the event: "We have always felt welcome in Extremadura and Trujillo." He also expressed his gratitude for the "enthusiastic and collaborative" reception that the project has had in Extremadura, which he has described as "the most appropriate place" and which has fostered "a true alliance."

The Government's Spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, has underlined the strategic commitment to a forward-thinking and future-oriented industry that adopts renewable energy, such as the Trujillo diamond foundry. "We are in a moment of opportunity," affirmed the Minister.

"Here is the present, there (pointing to the construction works), the future, and there is a city that has more than 2,500 years of history," declared the Mayor of Trujillo, José Antonio Redondo. We look forward to contributing to the region's future, community, and ecological balance.