Announcing DF Perseus, an Electric-Car Inverter 6x More Compact Than Tesla’s

Oct 2, 2023
Announcing DF Perseus, an Electric-Car Inverter 6x More Compact Than Tesla’s

Our power electronics team has managed to build an entire new inverter for high-power applications including electric cars, the DF Perseus inverter.

Based on a novel architecture enabled by the unprecedented properties of DF’s single-crystal diamond wafer, specifically both its extreme thermal conductivity and its extreme electrical insulation, the first DF Perseus prototypes were completed and successfully tested in tier-1 automotive OEM laboratories.

The new inverter is six times more compact than Tesla 3’s (otherwise the industry’s most scaled-down) while exceeding its performance and efficiency.

Power electronics is the technological core of electric cars, controlling how energy in batteries connects with the electric engine and the charge station. How far you can drive, how large batteries you need, and what the consumption is depends critically on the power-electronics chips used.

“We believe this new architecture will become standard in electric cars going forward. Its advantages appeared too good to be true to me for a long time but our engineers just built it and I cannot argue with the results.”
Martin Roscheisen, Diamond Foundry CEO
Tesla Power Inverter
DF Perseus Power Inverter

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